Professional Organic Combination Skincare Range Kit (Copy)

Complete Combination Skincare Set
Have you ever felt that your skincare routine is incomplete? Inconsistent or just not giving you the results you need? You are not alone. That is why we have created the Combination Complete Care Kit, a set filled with all of your skincare essentials so you may provide yourself with completely noticeable changes consistently.


  • 250ml Pro-Collagen Cream Cleanser
  • 250ml Balancing Facial Toner
  • 100ml Black Charcoal & Liquorice Skin Polish
  • 100ml Purifying Pink Clay Mask,
  • 50ml Daily Defence Moisturiser
  • 30ml Pro Age Eye cream

Benefits Of Complete Combination Skincare Set

Cleanse – Pro-Collagen Cream Cleanser will thoroughly remove makeup, dirt and daily pollutants, restoring your skin’s natural balance and with a protective layer of moisture to prevent it from becoming too dry.

Balancing – Neroli Facial Spritzer / Toner perfect for those with dry/combination skin, anyone can use it! It helps add extra hydration and Neroli has naturally occurring antioxidants that help with firming the body’s skin and gives your skin a youthful glow. .

Exfoliate – Black Charcoal & Liquorice Scrub this Charcoal scrub will bring out build-ups of oil, dust, and pollutants, and liquorice, an antioxidant, will comfort, colour, and simply lighten your face.

Purifying –  Pink Clay Mask, scent of fresh roses blended with the amazing skin properties of Kaolin clay to cleanse and purify your skin. Removing excess oils but leaving a naturally balanced complexion

Moisturiser – Daily Defence Moisturiser contains coenzyme Q10, a compound that’s found naturally within the body but decreases with age.

Pro-Age Eye Cream – If you’re looking for an eye cream that can tackle both dark circles and wrinkles, this one definitely ticks both boxes. The nourishing ingredients will help to soften and smooth your fine lines and brighten the delicate skin around your eyes