Jasmine Floral Toner Water

for dry skin conditions

Product Information!

Jasmine Floral toner water

The perfect addition to your skincare routine. Jasmine is the “king ” of oils adding Luxury and majesty to your routine.

Truly loving your skin. Hydrating and moisturising exotically uplifting arousing and instilling renewed confidence as an addition to its toning affect on your skin!

You will look and feel renewed after this simple second step in your facial routine. Carry the toner with you throughout the day to perk up your skin or give you a confident lift when your day brings you down. A quick spritz is transformative.

Apply after cleansing to remove final traces of cleanser and to close and tighten the pores.  Follow with one of our rich moisturisers.

Especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin.

Vegan Ingredients:
Jasminum Offinale Flower
Potassium Sorbate,
Citric Acid.




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